Resources for Federal Firearms Licensees

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Tip of the Month

It’s that time of year again when the NICS Section experiences an increase in transaction volume. The NICS Section encourages NICS E-Check users to prepare for the expected volume increase. During our highest volume months, hold times through call center-initiated transactions are normally longer. Using the NICS E-Check will allow you to avoid telephone hold times. If you currently have a NICS E-Check account, please verify that you can log in. Passwords for NICS E-Check accounts are good for 90 days; therefore, if you haven’t used your password recently, it may have expired since you last used it. If your account is locked or your password has expired, please contact one of the administrative users at your store to have your access restored. If you are the only administrative user or if all administrative users at your store are locked out, please contact the NICS Section to have your access restored. It is important for you to do this as soon as possible so you don’t encounter account issues when volume is at its highest.

The FBI offers a variety of resources for federal firearms licensees (FFLs), including information on enrollment, E-Check, resolution cards, and more.