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Tip of the Month

As of January 25, 2017, when asking for the type of transaction, the NICS Contracted Call Center (NCCC) began asking “Including Private Sales – Type of Transaction and Firearm?” If you are conducting a private sale, then you will provide one of the following appropriate responses: Private Sale of a Handgun, Private Sale of a Long Gun, Private Sale Other, Private Sale Return to Seller Handgun, Private Sale Return to Seller Long Gun, or Private Sale Return to Seller Other.

The NICS E-Check users’ Private Sale Codes are as follows: 27 - Private Sale Handgun, 28 - Private Sale Long Gun, 29 - Private Sale Other, 30 - Return to Seller Handgun, 31 - Return to Seller Long Gun, and 32 - Return to Seller Other.

Additional detailed information regarding record keeping and background check procedures for private sales can be located at

The FBI offers a variety of resources for federal firearms licensees (FFLs), including information on enrollment, E-Check, resolution cards, and more.