Sanctions Process Information

The National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact (Compact) Council Sanctions Committee is responsible for ensuring that use of the III System for noncriminal justice purposes complies with the Compact and with rules, standards, and procedures established by the Compact Council.  As such, the Sanctions Committee reviews the results of audits conducted by the FBI of participants in the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) programs.

The Sanctions Committee reviews the audit results and the participant’s response to determine a course of action necessary to bring the participant into compliance and make recommendations to the Compact Council or FBI.

The first 3 documents are tools used by the Sanctions Committee to determine the type of letter to recommend based on the review:

These next two documents contain brief descriptions of the audit methodology used in conjunction with each audit program area:

The following IT Security Policy templates are available and may be used by states to meet the CJIS Security Policy requirements: