Compact Council Members

On October 9, 1998, President Clinton signed into law the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact (Compact) Act of 1998, establishing an infrastructure by which states can exchange criminal records for noncriminal justice purposes according to the laws of the requesting state and provide reciprocity among the states to share records without charging each other for the information.

State Compact Officers

Council Chair
Wyatt Pettengill, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation

Council Vice Chair
Leslie Moore, Kansas Bureau of Investigation

Other State Compact Officers

  • Major Brandon Gray, New Jersey Division of State Police
  • Julie A. Lackner, Minnesota Department of Public Safety
  • Deborah McKinney, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
  • Kathryn Monfreda, Alaska Department of Public Safety
  • Charles I. Schaeffer, Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • Bradley Truitt, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
  • Melanie Veilleux, Arizona Department of Public Safety

At-Large Representatives

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Michael D. DeLeon, FBI

FBI Advisory Policy Board
Michael C. Lesko, Texas Department of Public Safety

Federal Criminal Justice Agency
Jason A. Henry, Department of Homeland Security

Federal Noncriminal Justice Agency
Lee Bowes, Department of Homeland Security

State/Local Criminal Justice Agency
Carol Gibbs, Illinois State Police

State/Local Noncriminal Justice Agency
Denise Matthews, Georgia Department of Community Health

As of 7/24/2019