Additional State Compact Officers

On October 9, 1998, President Clinton signed into law the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact (Compact) Act of 1998, establishing an infrastructure by which states can exchange criminal records for noncriminal justice purposes according to the laws of the requesting state and provide reciprocity among the states to share records without charging each other for the information.

  • Nicole Borgeson, Utah Department of Public Safety
  • Captain Charles M. “Monty” Coats, Jr., South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
  • Nicole Cooper, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
  • Patricia Cuenin, Vermont Criminal Information Center
  • Jeff Cullen, Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation
  • Captain Chris Eskew, Louisiana State Police
  • Terri Fisher, Georgia Bureau of Investigation
  • Captain Christopher S. Jolly, Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • Scott Lamp, Iowa Department of Public Safety
  • Robyn Lyles, Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
  • Leila McNeill, Idaho State Police
  • Teresa Mucha, Colorado Bureau of Investigation
  • Beth Owens, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation
  • Sergeant Scott M. Pettry, West Virginia State Police
  • Lieutenant Chadwick D. Rogers, Virginia State Police
  • Sherry Rosin, Michigan State Police
  • Matthew R. Ruel, Maine State Bureau of Identification
  • Dane Silcox, Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
  • Erica Souza-Llamas, Nevada Department of Public Safety
  • Susie C. Vachon, New Hampshire Department of Safety
  • Melanie A. Veilleux, Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • Lisa Voss, Delaware State Police
  • Tiffanie Ward, Arkansas Crime Information Center
  • Patricia R. Whitfield, Oregon State Police
  • Christopher D.W. Young, Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center

As of 1/8/2020