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Our People and Capabilities

Our People and Capabilities

Members of the Seattle Evidence Response Team
sift for clues.

The Seattle FBI office is staffed with special agents and a variety of professional support employees, including intelligence and financial analysts, investigative specialists, support services technicians, language specialists, paralegals, electronics technicians, and security experts. Many of these agents and employees have advanced degrees and bring a wide range of special skills to the FBI when they are hired. Once on board, employees continually have the opportunity to receive training and develop expertise in areas specific to law enforcement and FBI operations.

Some of our specialized teams include:

  • Evidence Response Team: Team members, including special agents and professional support employees, recover physical evidence during crime scene investigations and execute search warrants. Information derived from this evidence often makes the difference between success and failure in the prosecution of the case. Team members have extensive training and experience in forensic science, crime scene management, and the location, recovery, and documentation of physical evidence using a standard operating procedure or uniform process. This method is especially effective in processing large scale, multiple, and simultaneous crime scenes—such as the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks—which can take days or months to complete. The teams are equipped with state-of-the-art tools, gear, and resources. The Seattle FBI Evidence Response Team consists of three teams with 26 members—with two teams in western Washington and one in eastern Washington. The teams have deployed to such places as Iraq, Bosnia, Botswana, Ethiopia, Tbilisi ( Georgia), and Colombia.
  • Hazardous Materials Response Team (HMRT): This highly specialized team ensures the safe recovery of evidence in hazardous chemical, biological, or radiological environments in support of FBI investigations. It also makes initial assessments of potential criminal hazmat or weapons of mass destruction incidents in cooperation with local, state, and other federal agency hazmat teams. Team members use state-of-the-art personal protective equipment, environmental monitoring instruments, and specialized evidence collection kits.
  • Computer Analysis and Response Team (CART): These forensic investigators are certified to retrieve, preserve, and examine stored digital evidence found in computers and other electronic devices or media in support of FBI investigations.
  • Crisis Response: The two main components of this program are the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team and our crisis negotiators. The SWAT team consists of special agents who respond to FBI operations that pose a heightened risk to the public and to law enforcement. In Seattle, those operations may include a rapidly developing crisis, high-risk search and arrest warrants, weapons of mass destruction and maritime operations, and dignitary protection. The SWAT team receives enhanced tactical training and maintains proficiency with a variety of special weapons and equipment. Crisis negotiators work in concert with the SWAT Team in crisis situations, such as barricaded subjects, hostage situations, kidnappings, and potential suicides.
  • Special Agent Bomb Technicians: The three highly-trained special agent bomb technicians in the Seattle FBI office are capable of testing explosive devices, rendering them safe, and clearing them from crime scenes. They assist with all explosives related matters and work closely with local law enforcement and fire departments. They are trained on the latest bomb equipment including robots, x-ray machines, and mobile radiation detectors.