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Subject Arrested in Connection with Carjacking

FBI San Juan February 13, 2013
  • Special Agent Carlos Osorio (787) 759-1550

SAN JUAN—On February 12, 2013, Christian Torres-Cabrera was arrested by the FBI on a warrant based on a federal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court, District of Puerto Rico, charging him with one count of violating Title 18, U.S.C., Section 2119 (carjacking) and Section 924 for his use of a weapon during a crime of violence.

The criminal complaint alleges that in the early morning of February 20, 2010, Kaleb Rivera-Diaz was driving his Toyota, Corolla, along with Hector Arroyo, as passenger near the city of Las Piedras in Puerto Rico, when their vehicle was rear-ended by an Oldsmobile driven by Jayson Casillas-Sierra and Christian Torres-Cabrera. Upon the victims exiting the Toyota to assess the damage to the rear bumper, Casillas exited the driver’s side of the Oldsmobile brandishing a handgun, while Christian Torres-Cabrera exited the passenger’s side brandishing an Intratec rifle. They took the motor vehicle from the victims, forcing Rivera into the rear passenger seat of the Toyota Corolla and Torres forced Hector Arroyo into the front passenger’s seat of the Oldsmobile, and left on Route 924 towards Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. The Toyota was in front and driven by Casillas and the Oldsmobile was behind and driven by Torres.

Casillas and Torres kept their firearms pointed at the victims as they continued north on Road 924 and turned into road 926. Rivera struck Casillas in the back of the head with his bare hands. Casillas turned around and discharged his firearm into Rivera, killing him. Arroyo jumped out of the second vehicle and managed to escape without injury, while Torres was shooting at him with the Intratec rifle. Casillas continued driving and dumped Rivera’s body on the side of the road near a school on Road 926. Subsequently, Casillas and Torres met in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, at which point they purchased gasoline and burned the Toyota Corolla. Casillas was later arrested and convicted for these events. Torres was finally located and arrested on February 11, 2013. A complaint was filed and an arrest warrant issued on February 12, 2013, against Torres for these events.

If convicted, Torres faces up to a maximum of 15 years’ imprisonment for the carjacking violation and a maximum of life in prison for the firearms violation.

The Police of Puerto Rico, Humacao District provided significant support to the FBI during the search and arrest of Torres.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Ilianys Rivera and is being investigated by the FBI.

The public is reminded a criminal complaint contains only charges and is not evidence of guilt. A defendant is presumed to be innocent until and unless proven guilty. The U.S. government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.