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FBI, Technical Experts Now Four Weeks into Linden Excavation Effort

FBI Sacramento February 01, 2013
  • Public Affairs Specialist Gina Swankie (916) 977-2285

LINDEN, CA—Twenty-five days into excavation efforts on agricultural property in Linden, California, FBI personnel and technical experts have dug to a depth of approximately 65 feet below grade within the old well site. Thus far, no human remains have been discovered.

Progress has continued at a rate of approximately five to seven feet each day of operations. Excavation of the soft, sandy fill dirt within the well has proceeded relatively smoothly. All fill dirt is conveyed to the surface to be sifted, ensuring that no materials are overlooked. The hard, clay-laden soil of the native land surrounding the well has proved to be the most challenging. A safety area around the well must be excavated in tandem with well excavation to ensure that the teams have enough room to operate safely and respond to both possible evidence and emergencies.

“Despite the risks and challenges, the team involved in this effort remains focused on returning victims home to families,” said Herbert M. Brown, Special Agent in Charge of the Sacramento Division of the FBI. “The investment of time and resources in this extensive excavation effort was not made in haste or absence of thorough investigation and careful consideration of available information. We thank the public and the many families of the missing who have shown tremendous patience and support while we remain focused on the task at hand.”

This site is the second well site to be excavated along Flood Road. In January 2012, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office excavated a well on an adjacent parcel. These efforts resulted in the recovery of three females and one fetus, victims of convicted killer Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog.

The collaborative team of FBI personnel and technical experts began preparation at the well site Linden on January 7, 2013, after several months of investigative work and coordination. Hand excavation of the well contents began on January 17, 2013, after the site was cleared and safety devices were set into place.