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FBI Richmond Participates in Multi-Agency Training Exercise

FBI Richmond April 03, 2013
  • Media Coordinator/COS Dennette Rybiski (804) 261-1044

Today, multiple agencies conducted a Preparedness Training Exercise at various locations throughout the metropolitan Richmond area. The purpose of this exercise was to test local, state, and federal responses to potential incidents at locations such as colleges, airports, and transportation facilities. At various times throughout the day, citizens may have noticed an increase in the presence of law enforcement personnel or vehicles at certain locations; where appropriate, precautionary measures were taken to advise the public that a training exercise was underway.

As scenarios played out throughout the day, the following locations were utilized for this training:

  • Virginia Commonwealth University campus near West Marshall Street
  • Henrico County Police Division Range
  • Richmond International Airport
  • Amtrak Station on Staples Mill Road
  • Bellevue Avenue near the ACCA Temple
  • Route 1 near the old Green Top

Agencies participating in this Multiple Agency Training Preparedness Exercise are identified as: the Richmond Division of the FBI; the Henrico County Police Division; the Virginia State Police; the Virginia Fusion Center; the City of Richmond Police Department; Richmond International Airport Police; the Transportation Security Administration; the Richmond Coordination Center; Amtrak Police; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; the Virginia Commonwealth University Police Department; Homeland Security Investigations; the Virginia Office of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security; and the Greater Richmond Transit Company.