Field Office Victim Assistance Program

FBI victim specialists are located in field offices across the country and are available to personally assist victims of federal crimes investigated by the division or field office where they work. Victim specialists must have extensive knowledge and experience in crisis intervention, social services, and victim assistance. The victim specialist is charged with ensuring that victims who choose to do so receive the opportunity to be notified of important case events and receive information about and assistance with a wide range of victim assistance services in his or her location. Some of these services include state crime victims compensation programs, rape crisis centers, homicide bereavement support groups, mental health counseling, and special services for child victims. The OVA devotes special resources to ensure that Native American victims have access to assistance and services. More than 40 of the 122 victim specialists working in the FBI are dedicated to serving Native American victims. To reach the victim specialist in the nearest FBI office, please contact your local FBI office.

Seal of the Office for Victim Assistance Program with motto Fairness, Respect, Privacy.