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FBI Statement Following Mohamed Mohamud Verdict

FBI Portland January 31, 2013
  • Beth Anne Steele (503) 460-8099

FBI Portland Special Agent in Charge Greg Fowler issued the following statement:

The verdict returned in the Mohamed Mohamud case highlights the difficult but important work that FBI employees do every day. Whether an employee is an undercover agent or analyst or technician—each has a role to play in keeping our community safe while at the same time respecting the freedoms that make this country strong.

Mr. Mohamud made a series of choices over a period of several years—choices that were leading him down a path that would have ended in violence. His actions showed little regard for the rights and responsibilities that come with being an American or respect for the lives that he was prepared to take.

Indeed, in this country everyone has a right to live, work and worship freely and without fear. FBI employees—in Oregon and around the world—find strength in preserving and protecting these core values.

I would like to thank the jurors for their service. I know that they carried a heavy burden—deciding the fate of a young man while balancing the needs for safety and justice. We greatly appreciate their service to their country.

In addition, I would like to thank the United States Attorney’s Office and its staff for their unwavering dedication to this investigation.

- Department of Justice press release concerning conviction