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FBI Portland Division Remembers Fallen Officer with Letter of Support
FBI Honors Oregon City Reserve Police Officer Who Died in the Line of Duty

FBI Portland November 07, 2013
  • Beth Anne Steele (503) 460-8099

Greg Fowler, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI-Portland, offers the following letter in support of Oregon City Reserve Police Department and the family of fallen Officer Robert Libke.

On behalf of the men and women in the FBI, I wish to extend my sympathies to the Oregon City Police Department and to Officer Robert Libke’s family on his death in service to his community.

Officer Libke had a calling to protect those around him. It was a calling filled with both terrible risk and the intangible rewards that come with a life lived in service.

He chose to accept the risks with the belief that he could, indeed, make a difference in this community that we all share. And, by all accounts, he did do just that. A kind word, a gentle approach, a big heart. Officer Libke was a man who was honorable in his actions and respected for his dedication to both his job and his family.

Officer Libke leaves behind a wife and an unborn child. The loss of a husband and father to a senseless act of violence is unconscionable, and they deserve the support of the entire law enforcement community in the months and years to come. As time passes, we can hope that they take some comfort in the belief that Officer Libke’s sacrifice was not in vain. He risked his own life to ensure a safer world for his child—a world in which the smallest life could grow and flourish and live without fear.