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Giving Back: FBI Portland’s First-Ever Blood Drive

Giving Back
FBI Portland Holds First-Ever Blood Drive


FBI Portland Division employees spent a rainy May morning rolling up their sleeves to do a different kind of job—giving blood. Almost two dozen people volunteered for this special duty as the office launched its first-ever drive, complete with a bloodmobile sitting in the parking lot.

“We are a part of this community, and it goes to our core values to give back to those we serve.” said Greg Fowler, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oregon. “We work here, but we also live here, send our kids to school here, and enjoy all of the wonderful features that Oregon has to offer. Events like this one allow us to connect with our neighbors while helping those in need.”

FBI employees were able to donate 22 pints, which the Red Cross says will save 66 lives. The organization calculates that each year as many as four million people in the United States need blood donations. Because blood is processed and separated into its component parts, a single donor could help save the lives of more than one person.

The Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross is a strong partner agency when it comes to emergency response training and preparation in our state. In times of disaster, the organization provides a great deal of support—not only to the affected community, but also to the law enforcement agencies who are working to respond as well. It is a partnership the FBI values and will continue to nurture in the coming months and years.