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  • 07.28.2017

    Becoming an Agent, Part 2

    The integrated training of new agents and analysts at the FBI Academy replicates what they will experience in their coming cases and prepares them for collaborative work in the field.

  • 07.24.2017

    Seizing the Moment

    The seizure and civil forfeiture of three former drug houses in Rutland, Vermont is helping to restore a community hit hard by the opioid epidemic.

  • 07.20.2017

    AlphaBay Takedown

    U.S. and international law enforcement officials announced the takedown of the Darknet marketplace AlphaBay, where criminals anonymously bought and sold drugs, weapons, and other illicit goods.

  • 07.18.2017

    Becoming an Agent, Part 1

    Follow a class of trainees as they spend more than 20 weeks at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, where they’ll learn what it takes to become a special agent.


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