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In October 1995, Special Agent Robin L. Ahrens was killed during the apprehension of a fugitive.

She was the first female FBI special agent killed in the line of duty.

Two of Special Agent Ahrens’ brothers share memories of their sister.

James Ahrens: She was just a real friendly, personable person. We were, you know, one year apart, so we did a lot of things together.

Christian Ahrens: She would include me on things that she did. She taught me to not put things off till later because you just don’t know what could happen. That’s what I remember, cause I was the younger brother.

The brothers reflect about how their sister became interested in joining the FBI.

Christian: She had a friend who was military and I think that was the convincing part for her, seeing the dedication and commitment.

Robin and her friend chaperoned a school field trip to the FBI Academy.

James: And they went through the programs like this obstacle course. And she came out better than all of the students. The other adult was impressed with her and being a Marine Corps, and so forth, suggested that maybe she would want to try the FBI. So she put a lot of work into it, to get into the FBI. She was happy there, to join the FBI, to become a member, a special agent.

The Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI presented Robin’s brothers with a statuette in their sister’s honor.

James: It was a very proud moment today on that, although I wish it was a different circumstance of a memorial or plague. But saddened because she was killed in the line of duty. Very honored, after all this time, there is still remembrance.

Christian: You couldn’t tell her not to do the job because “we worry about you.” She would just go forge forward. It’s hard, but that’s the decisions in life and one that she made to be a special agent. I wish I could go back and say “Be careful watch your back” but that’s not possible.

Special Agent Robin L. Ahrens was assigned to the Phoenix, Arizona FBI Field Office at the time of her death.

The Phoenix FBI field office building is dedicated in her memory.

Robin L. Aherns, 1952-1985