Open Beta Testing of eFOIPA System Announced

eFOIA Homepage on Tablet Computer

Today, after a previous open beta testing period that resulted in a number of enhancements, the FBI relaunched its eFOIA system—renamed eFOIPA because it now has the capability to accept Privacy Act (PA) requests as well as Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. This second open beta test, which will evaluate the workflow and operational efficiency of the new system, will remain up and running for approximately four months before being closed for review, analysis, and possible additional enhancements.

Among the changes to the system include the above-referenced capability to accept Privacy Act requests; however, any responses to PA requests will still be mailed to the physical address listed in the request. Anyone making a FOIA request will still, once the request is processed, be able to immediately view and download requested materials from a website.

Also, a photo ID is not required when submitting a request during this second open beta testing of the system.

The Bureau’s eFOIPA system, while enhancing government transparency, allows the public to make online requests for records in a medium that is more familiar to an ever-increasing segment of the population.