National Missing Children’s Day 2024

Help us find them

Every year on National Missing Children’s Day, May 25, we reaffirm our commitment to investigating these cases and finding children who have been reported kidnapped or missing, and we continue to encourage parents, caregivers, and others to make child safety a priority.

Please take a look at the faces of the children at the bottom of this page—these are just some of the many children who have gone missing, leaving behind family and friends waiting for any news of their loved ones. If you have any information about these children that could help lead to their recovery, please consider contacting the FBI, local law enforcement, or submitting a tip online.

How the FBI Supports Missing Children Cases 

Children continue to face dangerous threats from online predators, human traffickers, kidnappers, and other criminals who mean harm. 

The FBI's Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) teams are composed of experienced personnel with a proven track record in crimes against children investigations, especially cases where a child has been abducted by someone other than a family member. Team members provide on-the-ground investigative, technical, and resource assistance to state and local law enforcement. The teams work closely with representatives from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime coordinators, and child exploitation task force members.

The FBI's Child Victim Services program within the Victim Services Division provides support to child victims, the families of child victims, and witnesses of federal crimes. The team is focused on ensuring that any interactions with child victims or witnesses are tailored to the child's stage of development and minimize any additional trauma to the child. In addition, they connect children and families to other resources to support their health and well-being through difficult times.

National Missing Children’s Day is also a reminder about preparedness should the unthinkable ever happen to your child. You can download the FBI’s Child ID app, which allows you to quickly share key information with authorities if your child is missing. The free app also includes tips on keeping children safe and guidance on what to do during the first crucial hours after a child goes missing. (The FBI does not collect or store the information or photos you enter into the app. The data resides on your mobile device unless you choose to send it to authorities in an emergency.)

Learn More About the Stories Behind Missing Children Cases 

What to do if Your Child Goes Missing

The FBI has jurisdiction to immediately investigate any reported mysterious disappearance or kidnapping involving a child. Do not wait to report a missing child. 

Call your local FBI field office or the closest international office. You can also contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) at 1-800-THE-LOST.

If your child is being abducted internationally by a family member and is not yet abroad, contact the U.S. Department of State.

List of Missing Children 

Take a look at the faces of the missing children listed below and click each image to learn more. If you recognize any of them, contact the FBI or local law enforcement, or submit a tip online and help bring them home to their families.

Note: The children listed here may have been located since this information was posted. Please check our Kidnappings and Missing Persons page for up-to-date information.