November 9, 2017

FBI Hosts Live Twitter Chat on STEM and the FBI

On November 8, 2017--National STEM Day--the FBI hosted a live Twitter chat to discuss STEM and the FBI.


The acronym STEM—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—describes a range of academic disciplines that have become more important than ever to the FBI’s mission of protecting the American public.

On November 8, 2017—National STEM Day—the FBI hosted a live Twitter chat to answer questions about STEM and the FBI. During the conversation, employees from across the Bureau answered questions and provided resources for those interested in learning more about STEM at the FBI.

The question-and-answer session generated questions that users sent to the Twitter hashtag #AskFBI. A transcript of the conversation can be seen below. The questioners’ identities and some Twitter-specific symbols have been removed, but the conversation can be viewed on the FBI’s Twitter page or by using the hashtag #AskFBI.


FBI: #HappeningNow: Welcome to our Twitter chat on the FBI & STEM. Send us your Qs with #AskFBI. #ServewithSTEM

DeLynn, Cara, Curtis, Kelly & Avatar are here to answer your questions. #AskFBI #ServewithSTEM

Q: What career paths does FBI offer when it comes to STEM programs? How do you plan on attracting the youth to apply?

FBI: FBI offers variety of career paths in STEM—Special Agent, Intel Analyst, Computer Scientists, & more. … 

FBI partners w/ universities and high schools & participates in hack-a-thons & coding challenges across the country. 2/

FBI community outreach programs for kids include youth academies, Future Agents in Training, Safe Online Surfing, & Cyber STEM. 

For more info on programs in your area, check out …. #ServewithSTEM 4/4

Q: The "M" in STEM stands for Mathematics. How can math help in making the world safe?

FBI: As our lives move online & become more digital, FBI needs people who can understand & work w/ complex algorithms. #ServewithSTEM 1/

FBI also has forensic accountants who use mathematics to investigate financial crimes. 

FBI also uses mathematics to process crime scenes & evaluate evidence. 

FBI Science & Tech Branch supports FBI mission by discovering & developing new science & tech tools. #ServewithSTEM

Q: Does the @FBI work with consultants in #STEM on active cases or is it strictly agents involved?

FBI: About 2/3 of FBI's workforce is non-agent, including many in the STEM fields who support cases & investigative work. 

There are many STEM career paths in the FBI, including computer scientists, chemist, & data analyst. … 

Q: Are Biology majors in high demand at FBI and should I pursue a Master's in Bio or Chem as well?

FBI: Employees w/ advanced degrees in hard sciences are valuable in multiple FBI careers, including in the Lab Division & WMD Directorate. 

Due to rapidly evolving technology, FBI hires experts in bio & chem to support cases & partner w/ those in academia & the fed govt. 

Q: Are the majority of STEM jobs only available at the DC HQ location or are there field office positions as well?

FBI has STEM professionals across all 56 field offices in addition to HQ & Quantico. For more & to apply: …

Q: Do you offer internships outside of DC for students looking to get experience before they finish their degree?

FBI: The FBI offers #internship opportunities across all 56 field offices & at FBI HQ through our Honors Internship Program.

The FBI's Honors Internship Program application opens every year between August & October: … 

Q: What role do Computer Scientists play at the FBI? What skills do you value in new CS grads?

FBI: Computer scientists develop tools to handle large amounts of data, and are integral to teams who investigate intrusions. 

Computer scientists also perform digital forensics & malware analysis. For more on the skills needed: …. 

Q: Are STEM skills more attractive to FBI if combined w/ foreign language fluency or would those be different career paths?

FBI: Foreign language fluency & STEM skills are not mutually exclusive in any FBI career path & both are beneficial to many positions. 

The FBI's strength is in its diversity, & the FBI looks for similar qualities in the skill sets & work experience of its candidates. 

Thanks for joining & for your interest in the #FBI & STEM. For more info on STEM careers at the FBI: … #ServewithSTEM