ICCS Conference

FBI Director Speaks at Cyber Security Gathering

Director Comey at ICCS

This morning at the sixth annual International Conference on Cyber Security in New York City, Director James Comey briefed participants on current cyber threats and the FBI’s multi-pronged strategy—which includes strong collaboration with law enforcement partners and the private sector—to effectively address them.

During the event, co-sponsored by the FBI and Fordham University, Comey discussed significant cyber threats such as nation-state sponsored computer intrusions, terrorism-related activities, ransomware, and hacktivism. And he enumerated various facets of the FBI’s cyber strategy which, in addition to helping state and local partners be more effective in combating cyber crime and forging closer relationships with industry, includes steps to recruit and retain cyber experts in the Bureau and efforts to enhance attribution of cyber attacks.

Comey also mentioned the just-announced Presidential Policy Directive 41, which solidifies the FBI’s role as a key cyber incident response leader, and stressed the importance of a national conversation about encryption and the Going Dark issue.   

This week’s conference provides the opportunity for leaders from government, the private sector, and academia to come together and share their expertise in cyber threat analysis, operations, research, and law enforcement.