Stefanie Roddy
Assistant Special Agent in Charge
New York Field Office

I have been with the FBI since 2005 and originally investigated counterterrorism matters in the FBI’s New York office. In 2016, I became a supervisor of one of FBI New York’s squads. In 2019, I became an assistant legal attaché for the FBI at the U.S. Embassy in London, acting as a liaison between the FBI and U.K. law enforcement partners.

Earlier this year, I was promoted to an assistant special agent in charge for the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force.

What drew you to the FBI?

I was in law school during the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, and I felt drawn to government service with a strong desire to join the counterterrorism mission. Since the FBI has the lead on terrorism, I applied to be a special agent. The FBI has provided me with an opportunity to do things I never would have thought to do and travel to places I never would have thought to go. It has given me purpose.

Share the thing you’re most proud of from your FBI career.

In the counterterrorism world, more times than you would like, you find yourself responding to attacks after they have occurred. These are the stories we see on national news.

However, there are the other times when you actually prevent an attack from occurring, and there is a tremendous feeling of pride whenever lives may have been saved. Early in my career, I was investigating a case where we identified people who were plotting to attack U.S. soldiers abroad. These suspects were ultimately arrested, tried, and convicted in U.S. federal court on terrorism charges. I was very proud that the headline read a terrorist plot to kill Americans had been thwarted, rather than reporting a loss of life.

What is the best career or life advice you have to give?

Be self-aware and use your strengths to cultivate a positive reputation with everyone you come into contact with.

Celebration of 50 years of female special agents in the FBI. Stefanie Roddy from the New York Field Office.