Michelle Hart
Special Agent
San Diego Field Office

Upon my arrival to the San Diego Division, I was assigned to the Violent Crime Task Force, where I investigated crimes against children, bank robberies, kidnappings, international murders, and other violent offenses.

After about five years, I transferred to the North County Regional Gang Task Force, where I currently investigate violent criminal enterprises in northern San Diego County. I also serve on the San Diego SWAT team and as a firearms and tactical instructor.

What drew you to the FBI?

I wanted to serve my country and help keep the American public safe. I was excited by the variety of investigations that the FBI conducts and the career and training opportunities available to special agents.

Describe your most memorable case or investigative success.

As a new agent, I participated in an international murder investigation. It took a lot of work over the course of two years, but we were able to bring justice for the victim’s family and friends.

Share the thing you’re most proud of from your FBI career.

Serving as a member of the FBI San Diego SWAT team has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my FBI career so far.  I’m proud to work with such a strong and dedicated team. 

Michelle Hart: San Diego Field Office