Supervisory Special Agent
San Juan Field Office

I often think of how crazy it was to begin my FBI career as an analyst in Puerto Rico, thousands of miles away from my family, but it was the beginning of what continues to be an amazing journey.

My analyst work sparked my desire to become an agent and prepared me for some of the toughest but most rewarding investigations into MS-13 gang members. Now being back in Puerto Rico, I get to share my knowledge and experience and hopefully inspire others to be great. I am truly blessed to be part of a great organization and to represent Latina women in the FBI.

Who made a difference in your career? How?

Everything I am and the successes I have had as an FBI analyst, agent, and now supervisor are all because of my amazing parents. My parents immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico and had to work extremely hard to make a living.

At a young age, they taught me the importance of getting an education, maximizing my potential, and identifying a career path that would lead me to a better life. They never allowed me to do the bare minimum or take the easy way out because they knew what I was capable of accomplishing, and they made sure to remind me of that every day. They also made sure I understood that nothing would be handed to me and that I would have to make sacrifices to accomplish my goals.

Claudia: San Juan Field Office

Reflecting back on my FBI career, those have been the principles I have applied every single day. I placed all of my time and energy into my investigations to ensure the victims and their families got justice. This only happens through hard work and dedication to the mission. This is not a field where we can afford to do the bare minimum because people rely on us to keep them safe every day.

What is the best career or life advice you have to give?

The minute you are comfortable where you are, you are no longer growing. To grow as a person or as a professional, you have to continuously place yourself in uncomfortable situations. It is a philosophy that I live by and always share with my team, peers, and mentees. In this field, we do not have the luxury of being comfortable because we have a duty to protect and serve. If you live by this philosophy, there is a greater chance of stopping bad things from happening.