Christine Ann Taylor
Supervisory Special Agent
Detroit Field Office

I entered the academy on June 22, 1997, and was first assigned to the Washington Field Office to work complex financial crimes. My second assignment was Detroit, where I served at the Oakland County Resident Agency and became the coordinator of the Detroit Metro Identity Theft and Financial Crimes Task Force. I am now the supervisor of a squad investigating complex financial crimes.

What drew you to the FBI?

Prior to joining the FBI, I worked in the financial industry. I struggled to find the balance of hard work and reward and was considering a career change.

I began to research careers with the federal government, and that led me to the FBI. It was the mission, reputation, and caliber of people that attracted me. I had a strong desire for a sense of purpose. I want to finish each day knowing I made a difference and to love what I do all day, every day. The FBI was the best decision I ever made.

What does it mean to make room at the table? Why does it matter?

The new agents and professional staff at the Academy are the future of this organization. It is the job of our senior employees to mentor them and prepare them to lead this great organization into the next chapter. 

Christine Taylor: Detroit Field Office

The FBI is only as strong and as good as its people. In addition to working towards the mission, our job is to share our experiences (good and bad) and to always strive to be better. My hope is that when my generation leaves the FBI, it will be a better place in part because of our contributions but also because of how we prepared the next generation to carry the baton.

50th Anniversary of Female Special Agents, 1972-2022