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Sean Joyce Describes Selection


Sean Joyce Describes Selection



The point of the selection—I think most people understand this going in—is to break you down and to see how you’re going to perform under stress.

So when you don’t get a lot of sleep over 14 days, sometimes you’re just going on one or two hours a day, over a prolonged period of time, it’s going to break you down pretty quickly. And I think you find out what people are made of once you get to that base level.


The Hostage Rescue Team

About This Series
The FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team is federal law enforcement’s only full-time counterterrorism unit. FBI.gov is highlighting the team as it celebrates 30 years of service to the nation.

- Part 1: Three Decades of Service
- Part 2: The Crucible of Selection
- Part 3: Training for Every Contingency
- Part 4: Night Maneuvers
- Part 5: Held to a Higher Standard
- Part 6: Mission in the Gulf of Aden


“They are an outstanding team and no one is as capable or as ready to operate in the domestic environment as they are.”
- Sean Joyce, Deputy FBI Director, Former HRT Operator