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Danish Police Superintendent Eric Vand Discusses National Academy


Forging Connections Around the World (continued)

One of Vand’s takeaways included the concept of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in policing. A seed was planted while he was at the National Academy, so when he was invited to be a part of developing such a program for the Danish National Police, he jumped at the chance. “I said yes because I know it works,” he explained. “If you don’t look outside of your organization, it’s pretty hard to get smarter.”

Danish Police Commissioner Jens Henrik Højbjerg agrees. “When my officers come back from the FBI National Academy … they get a lot better understanding of what the FBI is doing. That means it’s much easier when you start something up together, that you have an understanding about the organization and the structure with the partner that you have.”

Vand says that some of the most important things to come out of the National Academy are the professional and lifelong partnerships that transcend borders. “I use that network today,” he explains. “I use the 33,000 members of the National Academy … almost every week.” The expansive web of grads that spans the globe is “much, much better than if you know a few persons in a very close, very tight network.”

Since becoming a part of that alliance, Vand has gained an appreciation for it and what it can do. “Through the years, we have learned a lot from the Bureau. There’s always somebody there that can help me,” he said. And it goes both ways. “If you have a Dane for a friend, you will have a friend forever. That’s the way it is.”