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General Petraeus Comments on FBI

Gen. Petraeus comments on FBI role in Afghanistan

Mission Afghanistan
General David Petraeus Comments on FBI Role


Gen. David PetraeusGen. David Petraeus, commander of NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan, first saw the FBI’s value in a war zone as a commander in Iraq. “The FBI is the premier law enforcement and investigative agency in the world,” he said recently in Kabul. “When it contributes to this kind of effort, it brings unique capabilities.” 

Referring to the military’s mission in Afghanistan, he added, “The FBI always helps us raise our game. It brings, again, unique capabilities that can be applied across all of our different activities…and that adds enormously to what we’re doing here.”

Gen. Petraeus noted that the effort to establish the Major Crimes Task Force in Afghanistan began about 18 months ago during a conversation he had with FBI Director Robert S. Mueller “about the possibility of doing here what we had previously done in Iraq”—which is to help the Afghans establish effective law enforcement techniques through FBI training and mentoring.

Since the Afghanistan Major Crimes Task Force was established just over a year ago, many obstacles have been surmounted and many successes have been achieved. “The progress here,” Gen. Petraeus noted during a recent visit to the task force, “has been breathtaking.”

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