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Help Find Missing Children

duckett_tj.jpg stebic_lm1.jpg corrales_a.jpg cummings_h.jpg Amanda Berry (Recovered) gray_c1.jpg

Trenton John Duckett

Lisa Michelle Stebic

Allyson Corrales

Haleigh Cummings

Amanda Berry

Chioma Gray

tymich_ca1.jpg cooke.jpg davis.jpg degree1.jpg dejesus.jpg diamond.jpg

Crystal Ann Tymich

Rachel Louise Cooke

Kiplyn Davis

Asha Jaquilla Degree

Georgina DeJesus

Diamond Yvette Bradley

harper_j.jpg henson.jpg juarez.jpg jusssino2.jpg kirkpatrick.jpg kraft.jpg

Jamie Harper

Shausha Latine Henson

Sofia Lucerno Juarez

Rolando Salas Jusino

Shaina Ashley Kirkpatrick

Steven Earl Kraft, Jr.

bradley_a1.jpg copy_of_santosgomez_bd2.jpg smart.jpg smith_r1.jpg tionda.jpg vu_k.jpg


Bryan Dos Santos-Gomez

Kristin Denise Smart

Reachelle Smith

Tionda Z. Bradley

Khoi Dang Vu

lebron.jpg maitland.jpg markowskit.jpg modafferi_k3.jpg pattterson1.jpg piper.jpg

Bianca Lebron

Brianna Maitland

Bethany Leanne Markowski

Kristen Modafferi

Alexis S. Patterson

Bianca Noel Piper

Looking for Our Children
‘National Missing Children’s Day 2010’


These are just a very few of the children who are far away from home tonight.

Please take a minute to look at all the faces on our Kidnapping and Missing Persons webpage and see if you can identify Trenton, Allyson, and Georgina, or any of the other children listed there with their stories.

Please also take a look at the faces of the children who have been kidnapped by a parent—Mohamed Ali and the other 41 kids.

And we hope you’ll visit our Crimes Against Children page to learn all you can about what a dangerous world it can be for our kids…and our Resources for Parents page to learn how to protect them in today’s world.

Last: join us in honoring the law enforcement officers and others recognized as part of National Missing Children’s Day, including FBI Special Agents Michael J. Conrad, Catherine Koontz, and James T. Lewis. Also recognized at the Annual Congressional Breakfast on Capitol Hill were FBI Special Agents Charles Wilder, Barbara Cordero, and P. Michael Gordon and FBI Intelligence Analyst Vicki Pocock for their work on an international child pornography investigation called “Operation Achilles.”

Note: The children pictured or identified here may have been located since the above information was posted on this website. Please check our Wanted by the FBI website or contact your local FBI office for up-to-date information.