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Tech Expo 2009: HAZMAT Personnel Illustrate Decontamination Exercise
Members of our Hazardous Materials Response Team Unit illustrate a decontamination exercise. Two-man teams scrub each other’s protective suits prior to removal.
Tech Expo 2009: Robot in Parking Lot
We employ a variety of small and large robotic devices, depending on the situation. This device is radio controlled by a remote operator. Its forward pincers can be used to deliver or extract objects.
Tech Expo 2009: Bullet Trajectory Lines on Vehicle
At a crime scene, examiners from the FBI Laboratory’s Firearms-Toolmarks Unit, working with personnel from the Operations Projects Unit, trace bullet trajectories. Here, four trajectory lines shown in green string trace back to a single point of origin—the shooter’s gun.
Tech Expo 2009: Mobile Command Vehicle
One of our many mobile command vehicles, this large unit is equipped with satellite dish communications capabilities for real-time response in emergency situations.
Tech Expo 2009: Human Skull
The experts in our Forensic Imaging and Operational Projects units combine talents, using laser scanning devices to make three-dimensional digital and physical reconstructed models of structures and objects such as human skulls.
Tech Expo 2009: 3D Computer Model of Skull
To help identify victims, sophisticated computers use digital data acquired from laser scans to create three-dimensional plastic models.
Tech Expo 2009: Personnel Outside of HAZMAT Truck
Our Hazardous Materials Operations Unit has a variety of response vehicles. The truck shown here contains equipment for accessing evidence from hazardous environments, entering into confined spaces and trenches, and decontamination capability for law enforcement personnel.
Tech Expo 2009: Evidence Processing Kit
Evidence Response Teams specialize in crime scene processing, as well as evidence identification, collection, packaging and preservation, use delicate tools to glean prints from a variety of surfaces at crime scenes. Tools include dusting items, static electricity sheets, magnifying glass, tapes, and glue.
Tech Expo 2009: Model of Harvey’s Bomb
This small mock-up of a bomb was built by examiners in our Explosives Unit for the trial of John Birges, Sr., who in 1980 created what has been called an “undefeatable” explosive device. The Harvey’s Casino bomb remains one of our most fascinating cases.
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