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Cryptanalysis Challenge May 2009

Can You Crack a Code?
Try Your Hand at Cryptanalysis


We’ve challenged you twice before—in November 2007 and December 2008—to unravel a code and reveal its secret message, just like the “cryptanalysts” in our FBI Laboratory.

This time we’ve used a different set of characters entirely—ancient runes that are sometimes used by criminals to code their communications. Give it a try!

Once again: if you want a primer on basic cipher systems and how to break them, see the article “Analysis of Criminal Codes and Ciphers.

And if you’re a youngster, we suggest you start with our Fun & Games page.

Good luck!

Runic code

Note: sorry, but cracking this code doesn’t guarantee you a job with the FBI! But do check out careers with us at FBIJobs.gov.

To learn more about code-breaking in the FBI: