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Gallery 2

Body Farm 2009: Cordoning Off a Site
Students cordon off burial sites with stakes and grids, then maintain a record of which grids yield particular bones and artifacts. The exacting process is aimed at protecting the bones and evidence.
Body Farm 2009: Student with “Bad 2 the Bone Lavone” Marked on Back of Suit
A student holds flags to mark a burial site. The students arrived from all over the country, so they wrote their names on their body suits to identify one another.
Body Farm 2009: Students Beside Grave with Remains
Students at work on one of the excavation sites.
Body Farm 2009: Excavation Tools and Sketch
Excavation tools and a sketch that records the location of bones and artifacts in a burial site.
Body Farm 2009: Sifting Soil
Every piece of soil from a dig site is sifted for artifacts.
Body Farm 2009: Two Bodies in Burial Site
Two bodies were discovered in one of the burial sites. One body was exhumed (top) and the other was reburied for more study at a later date.
Body Farm 2009: Artifical Knee on Excavated Remains
Evidence of a knee replacement on a set of excavated remains. Such information and other artifacts in the burial site could provide clues to investigators.
Body Farm 2009: Skull from Excavation Site
A forensic anthropologist holds a skull excavated from a burial site.
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