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modules091907.jpgIn a nod to the growth and ubiquity of easy-to-use blogs and personal websites, the FBI’s website now offers a simple way to add popular FBI content to your own site.

A selection of modules or widgets containing links to frequently updated pages on the FBI site are categorized into four subject areas: news, history, fugitives, and sex offenders and missing kids. The modules can be added to blogs and personal sites by copying a small string of HTML code, which can be seen on our modules page, and pasting it into your own site. The code calls up the modules from the FBI’s website and places them wherever you want on your site. The technology is similar to stock tickers, weather updates, and other free “widgets” offered on the Internet.

“These are among the most popular content areas on our site,” said Jonathan Cox, an analyst in our Office of Public Affairs. “By making these areas portable we’re hoping to make it easier for people to get our content, and integrate it into their own sites. Our aim is to reach new audiences, those with a keen interest in these subjects, and others who may not be aware of all we have to offer.”

The modules represent our most recent effort to expand the number of options for receiving news and updates from the FBI. Last October we launched an e-mail subscription service that sends updates when changes are made on more than 170 different content areas on our main website, www.fbi.gov, and our 56 field offices. Last year we also launched RSS feeds, enabling visitors to receive updates automatically when we post new stories, press releases, and Extras on our front page.

The modules are categorized as follows:

  • FBI News: Links include stories about FBI programs and cases and press releases from FBI Headquarters and field offices.
  • Wanted By the FBI: Our most popular content area, this includes our Top Ten Fugitives list, most wanted terrorists, and other featured fugitives.
  • Predators and Missing Persons: Links include kidnapped and missing persons, sexual predators, and our Crimes Against Children page, which includes resources and tip lines.
  • FBI History: Links on famous cases, significant dates, and our weekly “Radio Bytes” show, which is marking our 100th year.

The FBI website gets 2-3 million visits a month. The most frequent updates to the site are stories and press releases, as well as changes to the various lists of fugitives. The easiest way to stay abreast of what’s happening in your area of interest is to plug in one of our modules, receive our RSS feeds, or subscribe to our e-mail updates where you see small red envelopes on the site.

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