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Seeking Information: Azzam the American

Seeking Information



We are urgently seeking information on the identity of the person pictured here—a self-proclaimed American jihadist using the alias ‘Azzam the American, aka ‘Azzam Al-Amriki.

He may currently be located outside the United States.

To give you as much information as possible on this person, we are attaching clips from the video interview he recently gave, and the transcript of those clips.

We hope you might recognize him from his voice, his body language, or the style and content of his speech.

If you have any information that might lead to identifying and/or locating this personor his interviewerplease contact us immediately.

Note: The individuals pictured or identified here may have been apprehended or may no longer be wanted by law enforcement since the above information was posted on this website. Please check our Wanted by the FBI website or contact your local FBI office for up-to-date information.