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  • Michael J. Heimbach
  • Assistant Director, Counterterrorism Division
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Press Conference on Addition to Most Wanted Terrorist List FBI Headquarters
  • Washington, D.C.
  • April 21, 2009

Good morning. Today, we are announcing the addition of Daniel Andreas San Diego to the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List.

San Diego is the first domestic terrorist to be included on the Most Wanted Terrorist List, a list that has historically been reserved for international terrorists indicted for various acts of terrorism against U.S. interests.

San Diego’s criminal acts of violence were domestic acts of terror…planned out and possibly intended to take lives, destroy property, and create economic hardship for the companies involved.

The FBI is announcing today a reward of up to $250,000 for information leading to the location and arrest of Daniel Andreas San Diego.

San Diego is a known San Francisco Bay-area animal rights extremist, involved with the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty campaign, commonly referred to as SHAC.

SHAC was formed in 1999 by a group of animal rights extremists in England. Their single goal was putting Huntingdon Life Sciences out of business and interrupting Huntingdon’s ability to conduct animal experimentation for the medical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, industrial chemical, and veterinary product industries. The SHAC campaign expanded to the United States in the year 2000.

Animal rights extremists involved with SHAC have engaged in various levels of lawful and unlawful activity. Animal rights extremists have harassed Huntingdon Life Sciences’ employees and clients, made verbal threats, conducted cyber attacks, and committed acts of vandalism, property destruction, bomb threats, and death threats. Extremists, such as San Diego, have also targeted secondary and tertiary companies associated with Huntingdon.

San Diego is wanted for his alleged involvement in the bombing of two biotechnology facilities in the San Francisco Bay area.

The first incident occurred in the early morning hours of August 28, 2003. San Diego set an improvised explosive device outside the entry door of the Chiron Life Science Center Building in Emeryville, California. During the response by authorities, a second, unexploded device was discovered in the same office complex. Before the second device could be rendered safe, the device detonated. It is possible that this device was planted to target first responders.

Nearly one month later, on September 26, 2003, once again in the early morning hours, a bomb exploded outside the front lobby of a Pleasanton, California company then subcontracting with Huntingdon. The device was placed near the glass front doors leading to the lobby of the facility. The explosion created a 50-foot black pattern from the point of initiation. Investigation revealed that metal nails were also used in the construction of the device to create a more forceful shrapnel effect.

Following each of the bombings, claims of responsibility were posted on the Internet demanding that the businesses end their affiliation with Huntingdon Life Sciences. The claims of responsibility threatened future violence if the two companies did not cease doing business with Huntingdon.

In both incidents, we were extremely fortunate on one hand to have no injuries or loss of life…but on the other hand, there was extensive property damage and economic hardship.

San Diego was initially identified as a suspect in the bombings after being stopped by a local police officer on a minor traffic violation in Pleasanton approximately one hour before the bombing. FBI investigation determined that San Diego was a known animal rights extremist and was affiliated with SHAC.

San Diego has been on the run since 2003. On October 5, 2003, a federal arrest warrant was issued for San Diego. In July 2004, San Diego was indicted in the Northern District of California for these bombing incidents, charged with maliciously damaging and destroying and attempting to destroy and damage, by means of explosives, buildings and other property; and possession of a destructive device during, in relation to, and in furtherance of a crime of violence.

Search warrants executed on San Diego’s residence and vehicle on October 8th and 9th 2003 revealed that San Diego was in possession of bomb-making materials similar to those used in the bombings.

San Diego has eluded capture since 2003 and we need the public’s assistance to locate and apprehend this violent domestic terrorism fugitive and bring him to justice.

The FBI has worked extensively with local, state, and foreign law enforcement agencies, including authorities in Germany, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, France, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, the Philippines, and Chile.

San Diego is reported to have ties to San Francisco, California, and Germany. He may be living outside the United States, possibly in Costa Rica.

San Diego is known to follow a vegan diet and may be living in an area where he can sustain this lifestyle. He is considered computer savvy and, in the past, has made his living working as a computer network specialist, specializing in LINUX programming. San Diego does wear glasses but may alter his appearance to elude authorities.

San Diego has very distinct tattoos located on his chest and around his waist line. The tattoo on his chest depicts a round, color image of burning hillsides and plains with the words “It only takes a spark” printed along the bottom of the circle. Along his waistline is a tattoo of progressive scenes in black and white of burning and collapsing buildings on his left abdomen; a single leafless tree rising from a road in the center of his lower back, and burning buildings on the right side of his lower back.

The FBI has retouched photographs to illustrate what San Diego may look like as well as artist renderings of his tattoos. These images are included on the Most Wanted Terrorist posters.

We strongly encourage the public to take the time to review these posters, as well as detailed descriptive information of San Diego, which is available on the FBI’s website, www.fbi.gov.

Please remember, San Diego is considered armed and dangerous.

If you have information concerning San Diego, please do not take independent action. We ask anyone with information on this individual or his location contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

Animal rights and environmental extremism remains a significant threat based on the economic damage and widespread nature of this threat. These extremists have been responsible for over 1,800 criminal acts and more than 110 million dollars in damages. Currently, the FBI is investigating approximately 170 animal rights extremism and/or environmental extremism incidents across 36 of our FBI field offices.

We continue to make great strides in dismantling animal rights and environmental extremists, like Daniel Andreas San Diego. We have added San Diego to the Most Wanted Terrorist List to increase public awareness about this domestic terrorist fugitive and aid in his location and arrest.

We will not relent until San Diego is apprehended and his potential for future acts of violence and destruction is eliminated.

Now I will be happy to take your questions.

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