September 23, 2018

Statement Regarding FBI Director Christopher A. Wray’s Visit to Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, and Lebanon

FBI Director Christopher Wray traveled this past week to Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, and Lebanon to meet with key international partners. During the trip, Director Wray met with FBI legal attaché teams, U.S. Embassy personnel, and national security and law enforcement leaders in each of these countries. Director Wray was accompanied by Assistant Director of the International Operations Division George Piro.

Director Wray’s meetings were focused on strengthening bilateral security and investigative cooperation and discussing the critical roles the FBI and our partners play in disrupting global threats.

During his visits to Egypt and Jordan, Director Wray had the distinct honor of visiting significant cultural heritage sites, including the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Petra Archaeological Park.

Throughout his meetings with Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Jordanian, and Lebanese partners, Director Wray reaffirmed the FBI’s commitment to cooperation and expressed the gratitude of the FBI and U.S. law enforcement and intelligence communities for continued collaboration in the face of shared global challenges.