June 24, 2016

Site Selected for FBI Central Records Complex in Frederick County, Virginia

***April 19, 2017 Update***

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded a contract to Clark Construction Group, LLC, based in Bethesda, Maryland, to design and construct a U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation Central Records Complex in Winchester, Virginia. Design will begin in the next month.

The following statement was issued by FBI Assistant Director Michelle Jupina, Records Management Division.

On June 23, 2016, the General Services Administration (GSA) acquired approximately 60 acres of land at the Arcadia site (2117 Millwood Pike/US Route 50) for the new construction of the FBI’s Central Records Complex (CRC) in Winchester/Frederick County, Virginia.

Construction of the CRC is a priority for the FBI. Records enable the FBI to fulfill our mission to protect the United States and uphold the Constitution. FBI records preserve our history as an agency. Our records document what information was collected, document our operational plans and deployment of resources, and document what actions we have taken against the threats our nation faces.

This new facility will centralize the FBI’s records, which are currently decentralized in over 265 locations worldwide. The new facility will also comply with the National Archives and Records Administration’s requirements for federal records storage facilities and will ensure FBI records are maintained in secure environmentally appropriate conditions. Additionally, the CRC will provide the infrastructure and technology for the FBI to continue to digitize records on demand. Currently the FBI digitizes and makes searchable over 20 million pages each year.

For over 10 years, the FBI’s Records Management Division (RMD) has been a presence in Winchester/Frederick County, Virginia. Development of the Arcadia site represents our continued commitment to the community. Many of our employees reside in the greater Winchester/Frederick County area. Other positions in the Washington metropolitan area will be relocated to work at the new facility.

The RMD appreciates the support of state and local government officials, who have been instrumental in supporting a permanent location for the CRC in the Winchester/Frederick County, Virginia area. The RMD looks forward to continuing and enhancing our relationships with the community as our new facility is constructed and becomes operational.