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June 24, 2024

FBI Releases 2023 Active Shooter Incidents in the United States Report

Today, the FBI is releasing the 2023 Active Shooter Incidents in the United States report to provide an overview of active shooter incidents to help law enforcement, other first responders, and the public better understand the levels of threats associated with active shooter incidents. The focus of the report encourages media, law enforcement, and public information officers to shift their focus from the perpetrators of active shooter incidents toward the victims, survivors, and heroes who stopped them, as well as the communities that come together to help in the healing process. 

In 2023, the FBI designated 48 shootings as active shooter incidents. Although incidents decreased by 4% from 2022 (50 incidents), the number of active shooter incidents increased 60% since 2019 (30 incidents). The 48 active shooter incidents in 2023 occurred in 26 states and represent five location categories, including open space, commerce, education, health care, and residence.

The FBI designated 229 active shooter incidents from 2019 to 2023. This represents an 89% increase in active shooter incidents (121) from the previous five-year period (2014–2018). The 229 active shooter incidents from 2019 to 2023 occurred in 44 states and the District of Columbia and represent seven location categories including commerce, open space, education, government, residence, health care, and house of worship. 

The FBI remains dedicated to assisting local, state, federal, Tribal, territorial, and campus law enforcement in its active shooter prevention, response, and recovery efforts and remains committed in its efforts to train civilians in active shooter survival. The FBI encourages safety and security through its options-based Active Shooter Attack Prevention and Preparedness (ASAPP) training.