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February 23, 2023

FBI Director Meets with Moroccan and Portuguese Partners

Law enforcement leaders discuss international partnerships and national security threats.

FBI Director Christopher Wray traveled to Morocco and Portugal this past week to highlight the important role international partnerships play in combatting national security and global threats. Director Wray met with key partners in each country to discuss shared challenges in law enforcement and national security.

In Morocco, Director Wray met with senior security officials to discuss how to deepen the already strong relationship. They discussed areas of cooperation such as mutual commitment to supporting stability and how to protect both countries' national security interests.

Director Wray met with law enforcement and intelligence partners in Portugal to discuss and deepen further collaboration on a number of criminal and national security threats. He also met with members of the private sector to engage on the ways that the public and private sector could work together to address pressing cyber threats.

Throughout his meetings with Moroccan and Portuguese partners, Director Wray expressed the gratitude of the FBI and intelligence communities for their continued collaboration, while reinforcing a shared commitment to working together in today’s evolving threat landscape.