August 20, 2015

Adam S. Cohen Named Special Agent in Charge of Buffalo

FBI Director James B. Comey has named Adam S. Cohen as the special agent in charge of the Buffalo Field Office. Mr. Cohen most recently served as the section chief for the FBI’s Counterterrorism Internet Operations Section. In this capacity, he oversaw program management for investigations of terrorists’ use of the Internet.

Mr. Cohen entered on duty with the FBI in 1997 and was assigned to the New York Field Office, where he handled international terrorism investigations. During his time in New York, he served as the case agent for the Millennium Bomb Plot investigation, where he led the FBI’s investigation into the co-conspirators in the plot to detonate an explosive at the Los Angeles International Airport. He also served as one of the original case agents for the PENTTBOM investigation.

In 2002, Mr. Cohen was promoted to a supervisor at FBI Headquarters’ International Terrorism Operations Section. During his time as a supervisor, Mr. Cohen received the Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service for his work on a significant international terrorism investigation and, one year later, was nominated for the same award again.

In 2005, Mr. Cohen was selected as the Unit Chief in the Counterterrorism Division, where he was in charge of all overseas investigations.

In 2006, Mr. Cohen was selected as a supervisor in the FBI’s Washington Field Office, where he oversaw international terrorism investigations, focusing on the region of South Asia. Mr. Cohen was promoted to an assistant special agent in charge at the Washington Field Office in 2009, overseeing the Administrative Division of the FBI’s second largest field office.

Mr. Cohen is a graduate of Brandeis University and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies. He received his Masters of Business Administration from the Dowling College. Mr. Cohen reports to Buffalo in early October.