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A $50,000 reward is available for information directly leading to the capture and return of suspected terrorist Ahmad Abousamra.

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Suspected Terrorist Ahmad Abousamra


Mollie Halpern: The FBI needs your help hunting down a suspected terrorist. A $50,000 reward is available for information directly leading to the capture and return of Ahmad Abousamra.

Thomas Daly: He’s dangerous to the interests of the United States.

Halpern: Abousamra, who is a naturalized U.S. citizen, grew up outside of Boston. Abousamra believed there was religious justification for suicide bombings, killing civilians, including specific terrorist attacks by al Qaeda and “the glory of dying on the battlefield.” In 2002 Abousamra traveled to Pakistan to join an al Qaeda training camp. When his attempt failed, Abousamra planned a trip to Yemen. Joint Terrorism Task Force officer Thomas Daly…

Daly: With the ultimate goal of traveling on to Iraq to fight against U.S. soldiers.

Halpern: Abousamra was unable to receive training but went to Iraq anyway. He returned to Boston, where he lied to law enforcement about the purpose of his trip. Eventually he left Boston for Syria.

Daly: We have concerns that Ahmad Abousamra is still pursuing his desire to fight United States soldiers overseas

Halpern: For more information visit www.fbi.gov.



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