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Missing Pennsylvania Couple


Mollie Halpern: The FBI is asking for tips in the decade-old case of a couple who disappeared after a date in Philadelphia.

Marge Petrone: Not to know what happened to him—every single day you go to bed with it, you wake up with it. It just gets worse, it just does not get any better.

Halpern: That was Marge Petrone. Her son, Richard Petrone, was last seen leaving a south Philadelphia bar after a night out with his friends and girlfriend, Danielle Imbo, back on February 19, 2005. The pair was headed to Richard’s pickup truck. Case Agent Vito Roselli…

Vito Roselli: No activity on either cell phone, no bank account activity, pretty much fell off the face of the Earth, along with the pickup truck.

Halpern: Danielle, whose maiden name was Ottobre, was estranged from her husband and was raising their son in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Richard—also a single parent—lived above the family bakery in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Danielle’s brother, John...

John Ottebre: We want the truth. We want to know what happened. We want to be able to say goodbye properly.

Halpern: The FBI is offering a reward of up to $15,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in Danielle and Richard’s disappearance.

Roselli: We’ve been pouring a lot of effort into this. We’re not letting it die. We want evidence to be able to bring this to a close.

Halpern: Report tips to your local FBI office. I’m Mollie Halpern of the Bureau, with Wanted by the FBI.

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