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Missing Person: Robert “Baby” Garrett Stewart, Jr.


Mollie Halpern: A father of two is missing, and the FBI needs your tips to help bring him home to his family.

Robert Garrett Stewart, Jr., better known as “Baby” Garrett, disappeared from the Crow Native American Reservation near Billings, Montana in October 2013.

FBI Special Agent Steven Lowe…

Steven Lowe: Some information came to light which suggested some foul play, that Baby Garrett may have been harmed.

Halpern: Baby Garrett is Native American and was 26 when he went missing.

Robert Garrett Stewart, Sr.: We need him back. The whole family misses him, and it’s not the same without him. Every day my heart is breaking because he's not around.

Halpern: That was Baby Garrett’s father, Robert Garrett Stewart, Sr., who says Baby enjoyed participating in the traditional Crow arrow tournaments with his brothers every spring.

Stewart, Sr.: So, my arrows that I grew up throwing, I passed them down to him and he had it. His arrows are still outside waiting for him.

Halpern: The FBI is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the resolution of this case. Report tips—which can be anonymous—to your local FBI office.

Lowe: We know there are people out there that know what happened to Baby Garrett or know people who may have done harm to him. We need you to do the right thing, to come forward to help us out.

Halpern: For photos of Baby Garrett visit www.fbi.gov. With Wanted by the FBI, I’m Mollie Halpern of the Bureau.


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