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National Domestic Communications Assistance Center


Mollie Halpern: An FBI-led national center is working with law enforcement and private industry to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing in the face of ever-changing and complex communications technologies.

The National Domestic Communications Assistance Center, or NDCAC, sees one of those challenges as law enforcement’s inability to access evidence on encrypted smartphones.

Marybeth Paglino, NDCAC’s interim director, says parents can help.

Marybeth Paglino: It’s critical for them to get the passwords for the phones so that if something happens to their child, they would be able to give that password to law enforcement so that they would be able to get in there and see, what was the last text message? What are some of those pictures? Does any of that provide evidence into what may have happened to their child?

Halpern: While NDCAC can’t solve all of the challenges associated with communications technologies, it does provide training, tools, and other resources to the law enforcement community to assist them in their investigations.

Marybeth Paglino: The primary mission of the NDCAC is to put in the hands of the law enforcement community the most up to date knowledge and the skills that they need to be able to identify where the evidence is and how they can go about getting that evidence.

Halpern: With FBI, This Week, I’m Mollie Halpern of the Bureau.


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