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It’s a landmark case—the first economic espionage trial in U.S. history.

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Dongfan “Greg” Chung


Mollie Halpern: It’s a landmark case—the first economic espionage trial in U.S. history.

Kevin Moberly: The stealing of our trade secrets from our companies and giving those secrets to any foreign government inflicts billion of dollars of loss to our nation and our economy. That is a national security issue.

Halpern: I’m Mollie Halpern of the FBI, and this is Gotcha. The 2010 case put Chinese-born and U.S. naturalized citizen Dongfan “Greg” Chung behind bars for nearly 16 years. It was the longest prison sentence ever handed down for violating the Economic Espionage Act. Special Agent Kevin Moberly…

Moberly: Greg Chung stole $2 billion worth of Boeing trade secrets related to the U.S. Space Shuttle and gave them to China.

Halpern: Chung had hidden 250,000 pages of sensitive aerospace documents underneath his California home. 

Moberly: As you crawl underneath the home, it opens up into this cavernous area where he had these documents organized on makeshift shelves.

Halpern: The discovery helped put an end to Chung’s 30-some years of spying. This has been the FBI’s closed case of the week.



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