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Wanted by the FBI: The Bearded Bandit

Wanted by the FBI: The Bearded Bandit

Bearded Bandit poster

The FBI needs your help to identify a serial bank robber known as the Bearded Bandit.

He has a beard—dark beard—and dark hair. Some of it his hair is long and others it appears to be tucked under a hat.

Over the last six months, the unknown bank robber has hit up four banks in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Supervisory Special Agent Romel Velasco says the bearded man uses the same method in each robbery.

“He’ll threaten the teller that he has a weapon,” Velasco said. “He doesn’t show the weapon, however he does say he has one.”

The bandit talks on his cell phone while he robs the bank. He hangs up and takes off once he has the money.

We ask if you do recognize this person to please pick up the phone and call the FBI or your local police department so we can get this subject off the street as soon as possible before he hurts somebody.

If your tip leads to the charging and arrest of this man, you could receive a reward of up to $2,500. To view more surveillance footage, follow the link below to the recent press release on the case.

Press release 

Jul 26, 2012 07:00 PM