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The Gangs of Los Angeles, Part 3

The third part in our ongoing series looks at how the Community Impact Initiative is helping to heal neighborhoods affected by gangs.

The Gangs of Los Angeles, Part 3

Driving along the streets and alleyways of Baldwin Village—known as “The Jungle” and historically one of the most violent gang neighborhoods in South Central Los Angeles—homicide detective Cedric Washington can recall in detail the many gang-related shootings and murders he has investigated there. In his 17 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, he has learned a hard truth: “It’s too easy to become a victim here.”

But Washington also sees something else in Baldwin Village. Beyond the violence and the victims, he sees a restored neighborhood taking shape. Part of the credit for that goes to an FBI program he helped establish. It’s called the Community Impact Initiative, and it’s designed to work after law enforcement puts gang members behind bars.

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Feb 21, 2014 05:30 PM