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In this complex, globalized, post 9/11 world, our operational partnerships have never been more important to our efforts to protect your communities.

Stock image of colleagues around a conference tableToday, we work with colleagues at every level of government—local, state, federal, even international—across the law enforcement, intelligence, and first responder communities. We lead and take part in multi-agency task forces, intelligence groups and fusion centers, and public and private sector alliances. A number of our partners literally sit shoulder-to-shoulder with us in FBI space, just as we share our agents and analysts with other agencies. We work closely on joint investigations—sometimes taking the lead, sometimes taking a back seat to others, sometimes contributing equally among many agencies. Our work with our colleagues, in fact, is so intertwined today that it’s often impossible to separate the contributions of one agency—and one nation—from the next.

In Newark, our major partnerships include:

  • Stock image of colleages standing shoulder to shoulderThe Newark Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) is the hub for counterterrorism operations in New Jersey. Through agreements with all federal, state, and local partners represented on the task force, the JTTF serves as the primary investigative and intelligence collection entity for counterterrorism operations in the 18 counties covered by Newark. The task force consists of more than 100 investigators from 34 federal, state, and local law enforcement and intelligence agencies. It also has a direct conduit to other members of the intelligence community. All members of the JTTF have Top Secret security clearances. The task force has a close working relationship with state and local governments in New Jersey, and it provides weekly unclassified briefings to the Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey, the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP), and the New Jersey State Police. The JTTF also provides weekly classified intelligence briefings to cleared members of the law enforcement and intelligence community and periodic briefings to the Governor and Attorney General for New Jersey. The collection of intelligence is paramount to the JTTF’s mission. The JTTF works closely with the OHSP, the New Jersey State Police, and the Regional Operations and Intelligence Center (ROIC) hosted by the New Jersey State Police. Potential terrorism information collected by the more than 500 police departments in the state is entered into the State Information Management System (SIMS), within its Tips and Leads sector. The task force reviews all leads continuously and conducts appropriate assessments and investigations to mitigate potential threats. The JTTF includes investigators from OHSP, who act in a liaison capacity from OHSP’s County Initiative. This initiative provides a force multiplier for the JTTF to collect intelligence to help the JTTF’s understanding of the intelligence community focus on those threats. It also provides state executives with an accurate picture of the terrorism threats posed to New Jersey.
  • The Joint Terrorism Task Force also participates in the New Jersey Render Safe Task Force, a multi-agency initiative dedicated to disarming bombs and explosive devices. JTTF special agent bomb technicians train and operate with the bomb technicians of state, county, and local departments. Joint training is hosted with other federal, state, and local agencies to provide increased knowledge and skills to all technicians in the state. The JTTF also participates in numerous table top exercises and field training exercises with its state-wide partners. Liaison is maintained with state and local agencies, including (but not limited to) the New Jersey State Police Hazardous Materials Response Unit, the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, the OHSP, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, the New Jersey National Guard, county offices of emergency management, county health departments, and more than 50 hazardous materials teams throughout the state.
  • The Newark Field Intelligence Group is a team of FBI agents and analysts who provide a full range of intelligence support on terrorism, cyber, and criminal threats, working closely with the New Jersey Regional Operations and Intelligence Center and the New Jersey OHSP.
  • Within the Newark Field Intelligence Group is the Newark component of the FBI Counterintelligence Strategic Partnerships Program, a national alliance between private industry, academia, the FBI, and its counterintelligence community and other government partners to identify and protect projects of great importance to the U.S. government.
  • To battle cyber crime, we have a number of key partnerships:
  • The Newark Division Cyber Squad partners with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the IRS, the National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA), and state and local agencies to investigate numerous computer intrusion/stock fraud and manipulation cases in the Newark Division’s territory.
  • In the FBI Cybercrime Task Force, FBI agents and local agency representatives focus on the spread of computer/high-technology crimes, telecommunications fraud, crimes against children, identity theft, and the recovery/analysis of digital evidence.
  • The Newark InfraGard Chapter is the local arm a national information-sharing alliance between private industry, academia, and government focused on protecting critical national infrastructures in both the online and offline worlds.
  • The New Jersey Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory—staffed by federal, state, and local law enforcement officers—is a one-stop, full-service forensics laboratory and training center devoted to the examination of digital evidence in support of area law enforcement investigations.
  • We partner with county prosecutors’ offices to investigate online child sexual exploitation.
  • To battle white-collar crime, we have a number of key partnerships:
  • The Newark Division’s Mortgage Fraud Task Force, the first in the Northeast, combines our agents with investigators from the Essex, Union, and Hudson County Prosecutor’s Offices; the Office of the New Jersey State Attorney General; the U.S. Housing and Urban Department Office of the Inspector General; the U.S. Secret Service; the U.S. Postal Inspection Service; and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. We have also established an industry working group with the New Jersey State Board of Appraisers and the Fidelity National Financial Title Group. In addition, the FBI works closely with the Mortgage Bankers Association, the Appraisal Institute, and the National Notary Association to define and combat the mortgage fraud problem. We strongly support joint investigations to effectively utilize all of our resources and to tap into each agency’s range of expertise. We have developed web-based mortgage fraud training, with presentations from mortgage industry experts, federal regulators, and law enforcement officials.
  • To battle securities fraud, we work closely with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the National Association of Securities Dealers, the IRS, the Department of Labor, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and U.S. Postal Inspection Service. These agencies contribute significant personnel, resources, and expertise to our efforts. We also collaborate with private industry to increase public awareness, and the private sector provides expert witnesses and other technical assistance regarding accounting and securities issues. The FBI not only investigates financial crimes after they have been committed, but we also use an intelligence-driven approach to disrupt and dismantle the criminal enterprises that perpetrate these crimes before they strike.
  • We lead or take part in several major partnerships targeting violent crime:
  • The Newark Violent Crimes Criminal Enterprise Task Force joins FBI agents and detectives from the Hudson and Essex County Sheriff’s Departments; the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office; the East Orange, Newark, and Cranford Police Departments; and the Essex County Corrections Department to identify the major multi-jurisdictional violent crime organizations that pose significant threats to the integrity of American society. The task force works to disrupt and dismantle these organizations, focusing on successful prosecutions on both the state and federal levels.
  • The Newark Violent Crime Safe Streets Task Force—which combines investigators from the FBI and from Essex, Hudson, and Union Counties—conducts investigations of high profile violent incident crimes, including kidnapping, extortion, murder-for-hire, bank robbery, commercial institution/armored carrier robbery, and crime on the high seas. Special emphasis is placed on individuals wanted for high-impact violent crimes, such as homicide, felonious assault, robbery, rape, sexual exploitation of children, and high volume drug trafficking.
  • The Newark Violent Crime Interstate Theft Task Force consists of investigators from the FBI, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and the North Bergen Police Department. The Newark Division territory is home to one of the largest containerized ports in the world—Port Elizabeth/Port Newark—as well as three of the largest rail and freight target locations, headquarters for all of the major U.S. trucking companies, and warehouses and corporate offices of most of the major importers/exporters in the United States. Because of the amount of freight that travels through New Jersey, interstate theft is rampant, and this task force targets the problem.
  • The Newark Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force combines the efforts of agents from FBI and DEA and officers from the Newark Police Department to identify, disrupt, and dismantle major Latin American, Caribbean, and South American drug trafficking organizations operating in the Northern New Jersey area.
  • Our Garret Mountain Resident Agency Violent Crimes Incident Task Force joins the efforts of the above task forces to target crime problems in Bergen, Passaic, Morris, and Sussex Counties. The task force includes FBI agents from the Garret Mountain Resident Agency and representatives of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office; the Paterson and Passaic Police Departments; and the Bergen County Prosecutors Office.
  • The Atlantic City Resident Agency South Jersey Violent Incident/Gang Task Force combines the efforts of the above task forces to target crime problems in Atlantic, Cumberland, and Cape May Counties. The task force consists of FBI agents from the Atlantic City Resident Agency; detectives from the Atlantic City Police Department; and representatives of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.
  • The Virtual Academy is the FBI’s distance learning technology system for its own employees and its criminal justice partners. The Virtual Academy is a web-based application accessible via the Internet. It provides training functions—including course catalogs, registration, and student transcription and reporting—and offers more than 4,250 online courses augmented by the ability to register for traditional classroom courses held at FBI sites. In addition, qualified personnel are able to begin the application process for the FBI National Academy. The Virtual Academy helps the FBI’s criminal justice and intelligence partners accomplish their continuing education goals without prolonged staff downtime and with limited traveling and expenses. The FBI Newark Division is proud to have 264 New Jersey law enforcement-related agencies registered in the Virtual Academy. We look forward to 100 percent participation among our criminal justice and intelligence partners.