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Memphis Community Outreach

Memphis Community Outreach

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Memphis, like each of the FBI’s local field offices, has a community outreach program that complements and strengthens our many efforts to protect you, your businesses, and your families in concrete ways through a range of activities and initiatives. Our comprehensive programs support the FBI’s investigative mission by addressing multiple, interrelated societal problems—including crime, drugs, gangs, and violence.

The Memphis community outreach program works to build bridges and strengthen relationships within the community by:

  • Working with area youth to share important life skills and hosting a Youth Academy Program for young people each year;
  • Encouraging students to become more aware of cyber safety through the FBI’s Safe Online Surfing (SOS) contest;
  • Participating in “Red Ribbon Week,” which educates kids and adults alike on the dangers of drugs and alcohol and encourages them to wear red ribbons as a sign of their commitment to stay drug free;
  • Attending school career days or career fairs in the Memphis metropolitan area and making presentations to students (elementary, high school, college, or professional school);
  • Hosting and coordinating Citizens’ Academies in Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville that give business, civic, community, and religious leaders an inside look at the FBI;
  • Coordinating the Adopt-A-School program, which helps students raise their expectations and improve their school’s performance while being exposed to the positive role the FBI plays in their community;
  • Meeting with community leaders, organizations, minority groups, educators, and religious leaders to discuss the role of the FBI in the community;
  • Participating in community events;
  • Recognizing the achievements of an individual (or organization) each year for their work in the area of drug and violence education and prevention by bestowing them with the Director’s Community Leadership Award.

Special Requests

Community Outreach Coordinator Sheila L. Mosby and our special agents and professional staff are available for presentations to schools and other groups. Please submit requests on official letterhead to:

FBI Memphis
Attention: Community Outreach Specialist Sheila L. Mosby
225 North Humphreys’ Boulevard
Suite 3000
Memphis, TN 38120.

The Memphis Division offers a limited number of tours each year, traditionally to local school groups and Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. A written request must be sent at least 30 days in advance.

Visit our national Community Outreach website for more information about our overall outreach efforts and our work in other local FBI offices.