The Rip Off PSA

The Rip Off
A Public Service Announcement from the Los Angeles FBI


Dude, you better not be illegally downloading movies again. I don’t want a virus on my computer. Seriously.


Got it.

Ha, ha, ha. They got it. What an idiot. We’ll have the account cleaned out in 15 minutes.

When you rip off copyrighted material, someone could be ripping you off.

What the … where’s my money?


Intellectual Property Theft line60.jpg

The videos below show the effects and consequences of stealing intellectual property and cyber bullying.

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- Vanishing Band
- Toxic Meds
- The Rip Off
- Flea Market
- Trade Secrets
- Cyber Bullying

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- Flea Market: English | En Español 
- The Rip Off: English | En Español      

- Toxic Meds: English | En Español 
- Vanishing Band: English | En Español