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Intellectual Property Theft Public Service Announcements


Intellectual Property Theft Public Service Announcements
Law Enforcement and Private Industry Promote Outreach Effort


The FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office, in conjunction with partners in law enforcement and private industry, released a series of public service announcements (PSAs) highlighting the devastating effects of intellectual property theft and cyber bullying.

Bill L. Lewis, assistant director in charge of the Los Angeles FBI, said, “The theft of intellectual property victimizes all of us, and through educational PSAs, we can make an impact in reducing these crimes that plague Southern California, from counterfeit pharmaceuticals, auto & aircraft parts; to music and movie piracy; to the theft of trade secrets, which costs American businesses billions and compromises the economy and national security.”

Lewis added, “These crimes can affect our health and safety, fund international organized crime, contribute to slave labor and hinder creative expression in the field of arts and entertainment. Cyber bullying is another area where education is key to understanding that such activity has real victims and serious consequences and this PSA will bring needed attention to the problem.”



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The videos below show the effects and consequences of stealing intellectual property and cyber bullying.

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- Vanishing Band
- Toxic Meds
- The Rip Off
- Flea Market
- Trade Secrets
- Cyber Bullying

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- Flea Market: English | En Español 
- The Rip Off: English | En Español      

- Toxic Meds: English | En Español 
- Vanishing Band: English | En Español