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K-9 Explosives Detection Training

K-9 Explosives Detection Training Opportunity
FBI Helps Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Hone Their Skills


The FBI Jacksonville Division recently hosted a training opportunity for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) K-9 program to help the bomb-sniffing dogs hone their skills at detecting hydrogen peroxide explosives by scent. FBI special agent bomb technicians hid small samples of the explosive compounds on a test course that the officers and their four-legged partners navigated. Sniffing their way along, each K-9 got multiple attempts to locate and alert on the unseen explosive. With positive reinforcement following each successful alert, the exercise helped imprint the explosives’ smell into the K-9s’ repository of detectable materials.

 “Due to the increase in terrorist activities across the globe and the United States being targeted, it is essential to imprint material that is being used in destructive devices that maim and kill innocent people,” said Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office K-9 Trainer Ed Sullivan. “Thanks to the FBI, we are able to keep our training current and on the cutting edge of advancement.”

Peroxide-based explosives have become the improvised explosives of choice for terrorists worldwide. This is due to the fact that they can be made from readily available over-the-counter household products that are reasonably inexpensive. As of today, the most reliable tool to detect peroxide explosives are K-9s.

Anyone having concerns that someone they encounter may be involved with creating explosives is encouraged to contact the Jacksonville FBI at 904-248-7000.