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The Director’s Community Leadership Award

The Director’s Community Leadership Award

Since 1990, the FBI has publicly recognized the achievements of individuals and organizations within the area of drug and/or violence education and prevention by presenting them with the Director's Community Leadership Award. Each year, one individual or organization in each of the FBI's 56 field offices is selected whose achievements in terrorism, crime, drug, gang, and/or violence prevention and education have had an exemplary impact on the community. The Jacksonville Field Office presents this award annually to a deserving individual or organization in an official ceremony held at our office. In addition to the local ceremony, recipients of this award are invited to meet with the Director of the FBI in Washington D.C. at a formal ceremony.

The following are our criteria for selecting winners:

  • Strong participatory involvement and dedication to the furtherance of terrorism, crime, drug, gang, or violence prevention/education at the local, state, or national level;
  • Direct involvement that leads to success in terrorism, crime, drug, gang or violence prevention/education program(s) that has impacted the community and merits special recognition;
  • Work within the community's school system while demonstrating leadership to advance terrorism, crime, drug, gang, and violence education awareness and curriculum development;
  • Achievements in developing a community-based terrorism;
  • Civic achievements in developing a community-based terrorism, crime, drug, gang, or violence prevention program or participation in local and state legislation that positively affects criminal laws concerning such issues;
  • Exemplify strong contributions as a worker in local, state, or national parent organizations that seek to inform the public about terrorism, crime, drug, gangs, or violence prevention;
  • Devoted law enforcement official who demonstrates outstanding contributions toward terrorism, crime, drug, gang, or violence prevention within the areas of education training, community awareness, youth organizations, user accountability, and/or research;
  • Extended involvement and dedication in the business community that furthers terrorism, crime, drug, gang, or violence prevention programs to include participation and/or support of either school, law enforcement, neighborhood, or workplace prevention initiatives within the community;
  • Personal involvement and commitment as a member of the media in regard to the public's awareness of terrorism, crime, drug, gang, or violence issues from a local, state, or national perspective;
  • Voluntary achievements that display notable contributions in working with youth, the community, law enforcement, or business in terrorism, crime, drug, gang, or violence prevention and education; and
  • Stellar achievement in working with issues surrounding terrorism, crime, drug abuse, gang involvement, or violent behavior in our nation's inner cities and a true commitment in working with high-risk disadvantaged youth and adults.

FBI employees are not eligible for this award, but employees who have demonstrated outstanding contributions toward volunteerism can be nominated for the Department of Justice's National Volunteer Award in April.