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Major Cases for Organized Crime


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  • Al Capone

    Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone rose to infamy as a gangster in Chicago during the 1920s and early 1930s.

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  • Barker/Karpis Gang

    Alvin “Creepy” Karpis and his Barker brother sidekicks robbed banks and trains and engineered two major kidnappings of rich business executives in the 1930s.

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  • Bonnie and Clyde

    Bonnie and Clyde, the most notorious crime couple in American history, died as they lived—in a hail of bullets.

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  • Brady Gang

    After the death of John Dillinger, a new gang of bad guys looking to make a name for themselves came onto the scene.

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  • Fur Dressers Case

    Louis "Lepke" Buchalter and his gang of mobsters were busted thanks to an FBI investigation into a fur dressing racket in the 1930s.

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  • George “Machine Gun” Kelly

    Kelly and his gang kidnapped a wealthy oil magnate in 1933 and as legend has it, famously gave agents their "G-men" moniker upon his arrest.

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  • Joe Pistone, Undercover Agent

    A New York agent's masterful undercover work helped take down Mafia leaders in the 1980s.

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  • John Dillinger

    John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. was a Midwestern bank robber, auto thief, and fugitive who captured the national imagination until the FBI caught up with him in 1934.

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  • John Gotti

    The FBI and its partners finally put away a ruthless New York mobster and head of the Gambino crime family in the 1990s.

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  • Kansas City Massacre and “Pretty Boy” Floyd

    A mass murder committed in front of a railway station in Kansas City, Missouri in June 1933 shocked the American public and led to new crime laws.

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  • Lester Gillis (“Baby Face” Nelson)

    Nelson was a ruthless and violent gangster who killed three FBI agents and many others before being taken down in a firefight with the Bureau in 1934.

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  • Pizza Connection

    Several decades after the bust of a vast, long-running Mafia drug conspiracy that touched four continents, the Pizza Connection case continues to pay dividends for partnerships, policing, and public safety.

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  • Roger “The Terrible” Touhy

    In the latter part of 1933 and the early part of 1934, the Chicago gang of Roger “The Terrible” Touhy was smashed.

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  • The Dixie Mafia

    The murder of Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife, Margaret, at the hands of the so-called Dixie Mafia exposed the lawlessness and corruption that had overtaken Mississippi’s Gulf Coast in the 1980s.

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